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1-30: various Final Fantasy
31-50: Avatar: the Last Airbender
51-75: The Legend of Korra
76-95: The Sandman
96-110: Sailor Moon
111-135: Persona 3

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45 Barajou no Kiss
27 Mass Effect 3

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193 icons
21 Final Fantasy (miscellaneous)
60 Legend of Zelda (mostly Link/Zelda)
5 Misc anime (Blood+ and Sailor Moon)
12 Catherine (Catherine and Katherine)
20 Persona 4 (mostly female characters)
75 Persona 3 (all characters)

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14 December 2011 @ 11:47 am
In an effort to procrastinate more on my seminar paper start participating in contests again, I wrote a bunch of drabbles for this month's UA contest. These are the crappy ones that didn't make the cut! xD

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29 August 2011 @ 03:24 am
x____________x It took longer to code these for LJ than it did to make them, thanks to them all being fanart icons. The things I do for ffland points...@_@ NEVER AGAIN. Tiny icon posts from now on!

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Response to the challenge at airship_lounge (if there are any people reading this that aren't a part of ff_land, go join now! It's super fun). I put my entire music folder (all 21 GB of it) on random, and wrote something using the titles of the first five songs it spit out at me. Weirdly, even though game music is less than a quarter of my library, my first five songs were all FF-related. O_o So here they are!

Flicker – DoC OST (Vincent/Lucrecia)
Promised Eternity – FFXIII (Fang/Vanille)
Eyes on Me – FFVIII (Laguna/Julia)
Summoner's Love – FFX remix (Shuyin/Lenne)
Materia Junkie – FFVII remix (Yuffie/materia)

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19 July 2011 @ 01:02 am
Still haven't moved all my old stuff over here. Le sigh. Oh well! Have some icons.

1-10: Paladin icons for sunflower_mynah
11-17: FFIX
18-20: FFX
21-28: FFX-2
29-36: FFVIII
37-38: FFXIII-2
39-45: Legend of Dragoon
46-48: Zelda
49-54: Enslaved
55-117: Sailor Moon (season 1)

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